Timothys coffee is a Toronto-based company that’s been making great, high-quality coffee for the past 35 years. Founded in 1975, Timothys coffee if famous for K-Cups, which are basically small doses of coffee that work with the Keurig single-cup brewing system. Timothys coffee is not the most popular brand by far, but it’s still present in many areas. Every year, over 100 million cups of Timothy’s coffee is served and enjoyed worldwide.

Timothys coffee prides itself on quality. They buy only the best Arabica coffee beans, and roasts them in-house at their roasting facility in Toronto, Canada. They are then shipped worldwide, to be enjoyed by millions of people. Timothy’s makes both top-quality coffee and coffee brewing accessories. They are partnered with Keurig, which is one of the world’s greatest producers of coffee brewing machines. Keurig specializes in single-cup brewing, and Timothys coffee specializes in K-Cups, which makes them a perfect pair. Timothy’s coffee is dedicated to bringing you the best-quality coffee available, and to making the world a better place. They have several environmental programs in place to help keep their operations running smoothly and not damaging the environment.

Besides coffee, Timothy’s makes tea, hot chocolate, and brewing accessories. They obviously focus most on coffee, and they have quite a few different types and flavors. K-Cups alone are available in 10 different flavors, as well as decaf and regular. Besides drinks, Timothy’s sells Keurig products and accessories, grinders, etc. All their products are high-quality and backed by the Timothys coffee guarantee – if for any reason you are not satisfied with a Timothys coffee product, you can return it, and Timothy coffee will credit your account, or replace the item, whichever you prefer. However, with wonderfully tasty coffee and an excellent customer service program, it’s doubtful that you’d ever need to return a product.