What is the Keurig Coffee Maker?
The latest revolution when it comes to a coffee brewer is the Keurig coffee maker. Instead of brewing an entire pot of coffee that you will eventually pour out, you can now brew a single cup coffee. This new machine was designed deliberately to brew one cup of coffee at a time. It has become extremely popular over the past few years. This special brewing system will not only let you brew your favorite flavor, but you won’t be wasting a bunch of coffee when you make it. The Keurig coffee makers were created to help people save money and resources when it comes to brewing coffee. When you use a regular coffee maker, you can brew an entire pot and only drink one glass. The coffee you don’t drink ends up being wasted.


Keurig K65 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
Keurig coffee makers Quality of Coffee:  starstarstarstarstar Editor Rating:   starstarstarstarstar
Price:  starstarstarstarhalf star Customer Rating: starstarstarstarno star
Ease of Cleaning:  starstarstarstarstar

Editor Review

We rated the Keurig K65 Special Edition Our #1 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Keurig K65 is so easy to use it barely needs instructions. Fill the removable water reservoir (it holds 48 oz.), open the lid and place your preferred Read More…


There are many different versions of the Keurig coffee maker. The most popular one right now is the Keurig platinum brewer. This beautiful piece of art is available in three different colors. The available colors are grey, black and brown. This makes it easy to match your single serve Keurig coffee maker with any style kitchen. This machine comes with a pack of mini cups to brew your personal cup of coffee. Another popular machine in the Keurig coffee makers line is the Keurig K65 or otherwise known as the special edition coffee machine. This machine can brew many things other than a hot cup of coffee. You will be able to enjoy the gourmet taste of coffee shops in your own home. You will also be able to start brewing tea in your Keurig coffee maker. If you would rather drink a nice cup of hot cocoa, you won’t have to dirty any more dishes. You can brew the perfect cup of hot chocolate using your reusable single cup coffee maker.
If you are living in a small apartment and barely have enough room for a toaster, you might be interested in the keurig b31 mini Keurig coffee maker. These are great little machines for small apartments or even dorm rooms. Many college kids need to drink coffee in order to finish their term papers. Now they can fit a little espresso machine in the corner of their dorm or in their little kitchen. If you have the exact opposite, a large house with a huge kitchen, you can fit a fancy and complex Keurig coffee maker in your kitchen area. The keurig b155 is the perfect machine to show off in your home. It is large and very complex. This machine is also great for the office. Now everyone can brew the beverage they like the best. If you are more interested in a cocoa iced beverage you don’t have to brew an entire pot of coffee. This machine also has a clock timer so the employees are not late from their break.

Why you should get Keurig Coffee Makers
The Keurig coffee makers are unlike any other single cup coffee maker on the market. You can pick and choose what kind of beverage you want to brew every time. One of the more popular machines right now is the elite b40 machine. This is the perfect coffee maker for the family. It has a removable drip tray for when you want to fill up your travel mug. You can brew a cup of green mountain coffee in under a minute. It usually takes a few minutes to brew a pot of coffee. Now you don’t have to waste time in the morning and you don’t have to waste any unused coffee. They also have a large water reservoir so you’ll be able to fill the reservoir once and enjoy your coffee maker all day without refilling it. Once you start using this Keurig coffee maker you will never want to go back to a regular coffee machine.


Keurig K45 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
Quality of Coffee:  starstarstarstarstar Editor Rating:   starstarstarstarno star
Price:  starstarstarstarstar Customer Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star
Ease of Cleaning:  starstarstarstarstar

Editor Review

We rated the Keurig K45 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System our #3 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Keurig K45 Elite is an excellent gourmet coffee brewer but we rated it slightly less was due to the limited amount of brewing Read More…


The great thing about the keurig K75 machine is being able to choose between 5 different cup sizes. When you use a regular coffee maker, you don’t get to choose the cup size. You instead have to brew an entire pot of coffee depending on how many cups you want to drink. If you have a cup that is only 6 oz you can brew just enough coffee for yourself. Just about all of the Keurig coffee makers give you the option between a few different cup sizes. This machine is also known for being a no drip coffee machine. This means you don’t have to worry about dripping hot coffee on the counter and potentially on yourself.
If you are looking for a coffee machine with the perfect amount of features, look no further than the keurig K45 machine. It has enough features to be worth the money but not too much to make it confusing. There are many different reviews on the internet that say good and bad things about the Keurig coffee makers. The best way to tell if you like these machines or not, is to try them yourself. You can find them at Amazon or different home stores. A popular brand of coffee to use in these machines is the green mountain coffee roasters brand. They have rich tasting coffee with just enough flavors to awaken your taste buds. Some coffees are too strong and can leave an unpleasant after taste. With these machines, you will want to make your coffee cup refillable because you will want more than just one cup. When that is the case, you can brew enough coffee for a bigger glass.
The main reason people choose the Keurig coffee makers over the regular coffee machines is because of the elimination of a coffee filter. All of these reasons combined should be enough to show consumers why the Keurig coffee makers are the best way to go when it comes to brewing coffee.

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