Senseo SL7810/65 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine (Black)
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Editor Review

We rated the Senseo SL7810/65 Gourmet Coffee Maker our #2 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Senseo is an excellent coffee maker with thousands of happy customers. It’s one of the few coffee makers currently on the marker that produces a Read More…

If you’re looking to purchase your very own personal coffee maker for the home, or perhaps a new coffee maker for the office, one brand which you’ll see a lot is Senseo. Senseo is the name of the coffee brewing system developed by Philips and Douwe Egberts, both Dutch companies. Senseo coffee machines come in a number of different configurations and include models for high and low budgets. Senseo coffee pods make it easy to use Senseo coffee machine to make the perfect cup of coffee in any flavor you’d like.

There are many different coffee makers in the Senseo line, but several very popular ones include the Senseo SL783/55 Single Serve Supreme Coffee Machine, the Philips Senseo HD 7810/65 Coffee Machine, and the Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7860/60 Coffee Pod System. All of these machines are designed to brew a fresh, delicious gourmet cup of coffee in under a minute, and none of them require more from your end than the touch of a button to start the process off. These machines are adjustable for different cup sizes and brew strengths though, so you do have plenty of control over the process. In order to select a flavor all you have to do is choose which type of coffee pod to put in the machine.

At the lower end of the price range is the Philips Senseo HD 7810/65. A lot of people assume that a single cup coffee maker is way out of their price range, but with a product like this you may well be surprised to discover that a single serve coffee maker is well within almost any budget. This machine retails at around $30, and is easy to use and like the more expensive machines it can brew a cup of gourmet coffee in under a minute.

A couple of more expensive machines in the Senseo line are the SL7832/55 Single Serve Supreme Coffee Machine and the Senseo Quadrante HD 7860/60 Coffee Pod System. The Supreme Coffee Machine is supreme in appearance as well as function with a luxurious chrome finish. This machine is adjustable and can brew coffee for six different cup sizes from 3 to 10 ounces. The pressurized brewing system can pour you a cup of coffee in just half a minute, which is much faster than the average one minute you can expect from most personal coffee makers. The LCD display allows you to select brewing options and also to view how full the water reservoir is at any time. The Senseo Quadrante is a similar deluxe item with a different build and appearance but a similar level of functionality. The Quadrante series does feature larger water tanks which enable the user to brew larger cups of coffee and still not have to refill the tank all that often. The Qudrante sells for about $180, while the Supreme costs around $80.

Wondering what a Senseo coffee pod is? A coffee pod, known as a coffee pad in some locations, is a packet of ground coffee beans which are contained inside their own disposable filter. When you use a Senseo coffee machine, you place a coffee pod of your choice inside the machine, and the machine uses it to brew your cup of coffee. Each one is designed for a single cup (part of the single serve system), and in spite of the instant coffee convenience, you can expect the delicious flavor of fresh brewed coffee. The pods are similar to tea bags in form and function.

What blends of Senseo coffee pods are available? You can get mild, regular, mocha, dark roast and extra dark, as well as decaffeinated blends. Most of the coffee blends are named after the origins of their coffee beans and include locations like Colombia, Kenya, Brazil, and others. Some of the coffee pods feature added flavoring. Some examples would be the Vienna brew, the Rio de Janeiro brew, and the Sevilla & Marrackech blend. Depending on your own location you may have different brews available to you which haven’t been released globally yet. For example, in European markets you can now purchase cappuccino and espresso coffee pods for your Senseo machine.

What do customers have to say about Senseo’s personal coffee makers? Senseo receives some of the best reviews of any personal coffee maker brand online. Customers report that the machines are easy to use and that the coffee is ready instantly, but doesn’t have that stale, bitter instant coffee taste which so many coffee drinkers dread. The coffee comes out with the frothy layer on top which you would get if you purchased your coffee at a great coffee house but can never manage to create on your own, and the coffee is ready just as quickly as advertised. The coffee always comes out as hot as you specify using the temperature controls which are provided to you on the LCD display. As far as flavors go, customers are thrilled at the wide variety which is available to them.

If you are tired of messy cleanups after you brew coffee or the amount of time you have to invest in the morning to get a cup when all you want to do is relax and then get on with your daily routine, then you will love a Senseo coffee machine. With such fast brewing, you may find you enjoy having coffee throughout the day. When entertaining guests you can use your Senseo to make serving a lot of people easy and fun. Not only will your guests enjoy your coffee and remark on how delicious it is, but they will be impressed with your Senseo coffee maker.

Senseo coffee machines aren’t just great for the home; they are also great for small offices. The Quadrante models which have extra large water reservoirs are ideal for office settings since they can go longer before needing to be refilled. The machine will still take some maintenance each day, but it will make coffee easy and convenient for everyone in the office. Whatever your needs and preferences, there is a perfect Senseo coffee maker waiting for you!

Additional Information About The Senseo Coffee Maker

Today, in our busy world, it’s hard to survive without an energy boost in the morning. Some people choose energy drinks or shots, but those are very unhealthy in the long run. Most people choose to drink coffee. A lot of people buy coffee in shops or drive-thru’s, but the cost of that really starts to add up over time. I recommend using a Senseo Pod Coffee Maker and coffee pods. They are the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to make coffee. Philips Senseo Coffee Makers only make 1 cup at a time, so they’re ideal for people who live alone or who live with non-coffee drinkers.

Senseo coffee makers are usually designed to use coffee pods, small teabag-like circles of coffee. They are placed in the brewer, and within 30 seconds, a delicious cup of coffee will be ready for you. Senseo coffee machine generally are affordable, and are known for brewing delicious coffee. Some can be used with normal coffee (i.e. not coffee pods), but most are designed specifically for coffee pods. Coffee pods are available for around $0.30 each when you buy in bulk, and you can even sign up for a subscription that will save you an additional 10%. There are more than 10 different flavors of coffee pods available, each of which are delicious and make frothy, fresh-tasting coffee.