Keurig K65 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
pod coffee makers Quality of Coffee: starstarstarstarstar Editor Rating: starstarstarstarstar
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Editor Review

We rated the Keurig K65 Special Edition Our #1 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Keurig K65 is so easy to use it barely needs instructions. Fill the removable water reservoir (it holds 48 oz.), open the lid and place your preferred Read More…


Convenience of Pod Coffee Makers

A coffee pod maker, unlike a traditional coffee maker, take only a few minutes to brew a cup. These are single serve coffee makers, which means they only make 1 or 2 cups. They are perfect for people who live alone, people who live in households that don’t drink much coffee or in households which have varying tastes in coffee. The convenience of single cup coffee makers is that they are very quick and easy to use.



Single cup coffee makers are much cheaper than normal coffee makers. They are also cheaper to maintain, as they don’t require tons of filters, and rarely need parts replaced.



Often times when people live alone they think it’s not worth it to make coffee, so they just go out and buy it every morning. While $2-$5 might not seem like much at the time, it really starts to add up if you’re a regular coffee drinker. Buying a pod coffee maker will save you quite a bit of money, even if you don’t drink daily. At pods costing anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50, the savings of having a single serve coffee maker can add up quickly.


Great coffee

Since a single pod coffee machine is basically a hot press used in combination with normal coffee makers, they make excellent coffee. Especially if you splurge a little and buy some good ground coffee, you will see a major difference in the quality of your coffee when using a pod coffee maker.


Plenty of options

Pod coffee makers, unlike t-sacs or similar products, have quite a variety. You can use literally any coffee you want with these, while with t-sacs you’re limited to what you can find in stores or online. Plus, since the pods are very small, they don’t take up too much room in your kitchen, so even if you live in a small apartment you can still use and benefit from a pod coffee maker.

Senseo SL7810/65 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine (Black)
pod coffee maker Quality of Coffee: starstarstarstarstar Editor Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star
Price: starstarstarstarstar Customer Rating: starstarstarstarno star
Ease of Cleaning: starstarstarstarstar

Editor Review

We rated the Senseo SL7810/65 Gourmet Coffee Maker our #2 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Senseo is an excellent coffee maker with thousands of happy customers. It’s one of the few coffee makers currently on the marker that produces a Read More…

Keurig K45 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
Quality of Coffee: starstarstarstarstar Editor Rating: starstarstarstarno star
Price: starstarstarstarstar Customer Rating: starstarstarstarhalf star
Ease of Cleaning: starstarstarstarstar

Editor Review

We rated the Keurig K45 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System our #3 single cup coffee maker of 2013. The Keurig K45 Elite is an excelllent gourmet coffee brewer but we rated it slightly less was due to the limited amount of brewing Read More…

What is a Pod Coffee Maker

A Pod coffee maker is a coffee producer that compels water in a pod of coffee grounds that is already pre-packed rather than the use of a drip filter. Various coffee makers are fashioned to serve single servings of rapidly brewed coffee. There are stores that sell pod coffeemakers that come along with pods and there are also tea pods available in the market.

How does Pod Coffeemakers work?

A pod coffee machine has a chamber where the pod is inserted. Water will then be filled into the pod coffee brewer and as you turn it on, the coffee machine creates pressure to push the water into the pod just like how an espresso machine works. This coffee machine works easily and the quantity of coffee grounds that is in the pod is measured accurately which gives us a consistent high quality coffee serving.

Coffee pods are small individual packages with premeasured amounts of gourmet coffee, pods are designed to be thrown away and come in a wide assortment of flavors.

Many people use these coffee machines because they are convenient and easy to use. These brewing machines are also known to be less messy than that of a typical coffeepot. With the use of a pod coffee maker, after the coffee has been made, the pod can be taken and thrown away.

Generally, coffee that sits for a long period of time will lose its rich taste and aroma. With the use of a pod coffeemaker, the taste and aroma of the coffee will never lose its life. This is one great advantage in this type of coffee machine because it ensures that you will have a good cup of coffee every time.

Most Recommended Pod Coffee Makers

There are a lot of pod coffee machines available in the market and it is of utmost importance that you choose the right brand of coffee machine that gives you the right quality to satisfy your tastes perfectly.

  • Keurig K65 is also known as the special edition. It is a single brewing machine that is suitable for home use. Among the other Keurig coffee machines like the Keurig K45 and the Keurig K75, the Keurig K65 is so far, the most prestigious.

The Keurig K65 is a 1000W single brewing machine. It has a water reservoir that is removable and can carry 48 ounce and also comes with a drip tray that is readily removable. This amazing single cup coffee machine has an indicator that alerts the user if the machine is in need of maintenance. It also has an automatic 2 hour shut-off.  The Keurig K-Cups can reduce the time to cleanup due to the lack of filters used in the brewing process.

This coffee machine is modern and fashionable. The Keurig K65 can also brew tea and hot chocolate making it versatile for anyone’s tastes. There is also an optional reusable coffee filter called the My K-Cup. This reusable filter can be filled with any type of coffee and replaces the need for a pod. If for some reason a coffee lover can’t find the right blend in the 150+ types of Keurig K-Cups offered, they can always fall back on the My K-Cup.

The Keurig K65 is an excellent single cup coffee maker and retails between $100 – $200.

  • Senseo Coffee makers are considered to be one of the finest selling coffee brewing systems that are out in the market. Senseo coffee machines give you a result that will put a smile on any serious coffee drinker. With only a single touch of the power button, the Senseo machine will heat the water and start pressing out the brew that leaves an exceptionally flavorful cup of coffee with a frothy top which all coffee lovers will enjoy.

The Senseo coffee machine has a modern and sleek look. The brewing process is faster than a typical drip coffee machine. In a span of less than 2 minutes, you can enjoy your brewed gourmet coffee.

Like the Keurig K65, the Senseo Coffee maker is also a single cup brewing system. The coffee or tea pods are premeasured packs of tea or coffee that are packed with the ideal amount to give you the perfect cup of coffee.

This coffee machine is simple to use. You will only need to flip the top of the machine to open and you can then slip the pod into it and then close it. The water reservoir has enough capacity to give you quite a few cups of freshly brewed gourmet coffee. You also have the option to brew 2 cups at the same time by putting your cups next to each other during the brewing process. Like the Keurig machines, the Senseo coffee maker can also brew with regular loose coffee grounds by purchasing an optional Senseo reusable coffee pod.

The pods are usually in a form of diverse roasts and flavours to give people their freedom to choose their own preferences of beverages.

Single serve coffee makers are best for those who love different types of coffee. There are a lot of pod coffee machines available in the market and your responsibility is to choose not only the best one, but also the right one. These pod machines are basically made for everyone’s convenience and to satisfy your thirsty taste buds that no ordinary coffee machine will ever give you. The machines mentioned above are generally recommended because they give you the best coffee and have the highest customer satisfaction.