Keurig K CupsHow can you enjoy gourmet coffee instantly without even leaving your house?  With a  Keurig personal coffee maker, you can make delicious gourmet coffee in less than sixty seconds.  Keurig is one of the best known and most respected of all personal coffee maker brands, and one of the reasons why Keurig coffee is so popular is that they offer a plethora of flavors in their Keurig K Cups.

What are K Cups?  K Cups are the system through which Keurig coffee makers brew coffee.  These little cups hold grounded up coffee beans, sometimes with additional flavoring.  There are a lot of different K Cup flavors available, so whatever your taste you’re sure to find K Cups which appeal to your needs.  K Cup coffee is affordable, fast, delicious, and fun!

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What are some of the flavors of K Cups which you can purchase?  Some examples of K Cups you may enjoy include Caribou Blend, Dark Magic Extra Bold, Kahlua Coffee, Café Escape Chai Latte, Cinnamon Pastry Coffee, Nantucket Blend, Café Escape Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and much, much more!  Keurig coffee makers can make not only coffee, but hot chocolate and tea also.

How much will K Cups cost you?  Prices will vary depending on the brew you choose, the quantity you purchase it in, and where you buy it.  Nonetheless you’ll find that prices are quite reasonable.  For instance, you can purchase an 18 pack of Kahlua Coffee K Cups for $8.00.  A variety pack of 60 K Cups will cost you about $39.00.  For $72.00 you can get 108 Nantucket Blend K Cups.  As you can see, you can buy K Cups cheap, but there aren’t necessarily discounts for buying them in bulk.  If you think about it though, these are incredibly cheap cups of coffee since what you’re getting isn’t bitter instant coffee but gourmet K Cups coffee.  The quality can be compared to what you’d get at a good coffee shop.  Considering that coffee shops will often charge you $2.00-5.00 for an identical cup of coffee, you can see what a great deal K Cups are.

How can you get discount K Cups?  To find the K Cups best price you will have to shop around online and look for the best offers.  Remember that the type of coffee you choose to purchase can impact the price, and some more premium K Cups will cost you more than other flavors.  Regardless, though, you will save a lot more money buying K Cups than you would going to a coffee shop every day.  Your coffee maker will pay for itself in no time if you’re used to spending money at coffee shops every morning.

How do you make coffee using K Cups?  You’ll have to purchase a Keurig coffee machine to use K Cups.  Two of the best Keurig coffee machines are the Keurig Special Edition K65 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker and the Keurig Elite Brewing System K45.  They are comparably priced, though the Keurig K45 is a little less expensive than the Keurig K65.  The K65 is in the $125-150 price bracket, while the K45 usually retails between $100-120.

The Keurig K65 lets you brew a cup of gourmet coffee using a K Cup in less than a minute.  You can choose from among three different cup sizes, and you can also control the brew temperature using the backlit LCD panel to program the device.  The K65 comes with a large removable water reservoir which is dishwasher safe.  Since it can hold 48 ounces, you shouldn’t need to clean and refill it all that often.  On an average day you won’t even have to clean up after you make coffee using the Keurig K65.

The Keurig K45 semi-automatic single cup personal coffee maker can also prepare a cup of coffee in under sixty seconds.  There are two cup sizes included with the K45, and the K45 also has a removable drip tray which can be used for travel mugs.  When you purchase the K45 you also receive a variety pack of K Cups as a bonus as well as replacement parts (a drip tray and a water reservoir).

Both of these Keurig coffee makers are excellent deals, but if they don’t suit your needs you can shop from the rest of Keurig’s line and will certainly find something which is perfect for your home or office.  A lot of people purchase Keurig coffee makers with morning coffee in mind, but there are other applications for Keurig.  Keurig single serve coffee machines are wonderful for serving guests at parties and other events.  You can serve your guests quickly and allow them to choose K Cups of their preference.  That’s one of the reasons why a Keurig coffee maker is a good addition to the office as well.  You can stock up on a variety of Keurig K Cups to please everyone.

Some people purchase Keurig coffee makers just to save time and hassle, but for many customers the K Cups themselves are a part of the draw.  K Cup flavors are delightful and diverse, and once you try your first K Cup flavor you’ll probably want to try them all!  Since there are so many this can take quite some time, so you won’t become bored with K cup flavors anytime soon.  You’ll probably find quite a few favorites to stock up on for regular use as well.

Purchasing a Keurig coffee maker and a pack of K Cups not only saves you time and money, but also opens the door to greater variety in your coffee each day.  No coffee shop offers as much variety as you can find when you shop for K Cups.  And no cheap instant coffee offers anything like the flavor and quality you get from K Cups.  A Keurig Coffee maker is an investment, but in the long run it will pay off in more than just money—you’ll have more fun making and drinking coffee than ever before!