k cups cheapOne great way to save money on your daily cup of coffee and still enjoy a high-quality brew is to buy K Cups.  In order to use K Cups you’ll also have to purchase a Keurig coffee maker.  K Cups are single serving packets of ground-up coffee beans.  Sometimes other flavors are added to K Cups.  There are dozens of types of K Cups you can buy to enjoy a unique and diverse coffee drinking experience.  Keurig K Cups are as cheap as instant coffee but taste much better.

What do K Cups taste like?  The range of flavors spans the simple and straightforward to the complex.  Some brews which you can purchase include Caribou Blend, Kahlua Coffee, Nantucket Blend, Cinnamon Pastry Coffee, Dark Magic Extra Bold, and more.  There are variety packs of K Cups available too, so if you want to get a feel for what’s out there without purchasing a whole box of any particular flavor, you can start out with a variety pack.  Sometimes you get a variety pack for free when you purchase a Keurig coffee maker.  There are far more flavors available though than you’ll find in a single variety pack!

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Keurig K Cups are appealing not only because of their broad range of flavors but also because they are affordable.  Here are several examples of K Cups you could buy and their relative prices.  If you wanted an 18 pack of Kahlua Coffee K Cups, you could purchase them for a mere $8.00.  Want to discover some new flavors with a 60-count variety pack of K Cups?  You can purchase this variety pack for $39.00.  If you have one cup of coffee each day, this should last you two months.  Want to stock up on Nantucket Blend K Cups?  A bulk pack of 108 would cost you $72.00.  Are there discounts for purchasing K Cups in bulk?  Generally speaking no; however, if you shop around you can probably find the best deals on Keurig K Cups.  Considering that each cup of coffee is going to cost you under a dollar at standard prices, though, you’re already getting a good deal.

Just think about what you would pay for a comparable cup of coffee if you went to a coffee shop.  Even at the lower end you’d probably pay $2.00.  For something flavored you could expect to pay even more.  With K Cups you don’t have to.  If you are already in the habit of going to a coffee shop every morning, then you are already spending far more money than you would on K Cups.  In fact, your purchase of a Keurig personal coffee maker would pay for itself in several months just from the money you’d save over time.

You can’t enjoy Keurig K Cup coffee without purchasing a Keurig single serve coffee maker.  These single serve machines will make you a single cup of coffee using a K Cup.  You place a K Cup of your choice into the machine and the machine will brew you a cup of coffee at your chosen temperature and strength.  The two Keurig coffee machines which are most popular are the Keurig Special Edition K65 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker and the Keurig Elite Brewing System K45.  The K65 is the slightly more expensive of the two, though prices vary on both depending on where you purchase them.  The K65 usually retails for about $125-150 and the K45 generally sells for about $100-120.

The Keurig K45 lets you choose between two different cup sizes.  With the push of a single button you can have the machine make you a cup of coffee in under a minute.  For travel mugs you can use the removable drip tray.  Your purchase of the K45 will usually include a free replacement drip tray and water reservoir as well as a bonus 12-count variety pack of K Cups.

For something a little more upscale you can check out the Keurig K65, which can accommodate not two but three different cup sizes.  The LCD panel lets you control options such as the brew temperature and also lets you know if the water reservoir is near empty so that you can remove, clean and refill it.  The water reservoir on the Keurig K65 holds 48 ounces, which means you can drink quite a few cups of coffee before you need to replace the water in the reservoir.  The reservoir is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean and requires little effort on your part.  Sounds much better than cleaning up after yourself every morning so you can drink a barely tolerable cup of instant coffee, doesn’t it?

What are some applications for Keurig coffee machines and K Cups other than your morning coffee routine?  Since there are dozens of K Cup flavors available, K Cups provide coffee drinkers with more choice than other options.  There are plenty of settings in which that kind of choice would be useful and appreciated.  A lot of employers purchase Keurig coffee machines for their office recreation rooms for this reason.  They stock up with a variety of K Cup flavors so that their employees can all drink what they like.  Since the reservoir only has to be cleaned and refilled occasionally, that reduces the amount of maintenance required by the office administrator.

Keurig K Cups are similar at parties for the same reason.  If you plan to have a group of people over to your house, you can set up the Keurig personal coffee maker and serve your guests with any flavor of coffee they want.  The instant speed with which the coffee is delivered means people don’t have to step away from the gathering for long, and the ease of use means guests can serve themselves if they want.  Keurig K Cups and Keurig coffee machines provide you with an excellent alternative to instant coffee which is great for the home or the office.  The wide variety of flavors will surely appeal to everyone, and the cheap price will appeal to you!