k cups best priceKeurig personal coffee makers are considered some of the best on the market, and Keurig K Cups are among the most popular instant coffee products you can buy.  By using a Keurig coffee machine you can enjoy a number of benefits.  The machine can prepare your coffee instantly, saving you time, and the large water reservoir can prevent you from having to clean or maintain the machine too often.  This saves you hassle.  The huge variety of flavors available saves you from getting bored, and best of all, Keurig K Cups are cheap and save you money on gourmet coffee.

What exactly is a Keurig K Cup?  Keurig K Cups are the instant coffee packages which Keurig coffee machines can use to make single servings of coffee.  As the name implies, Keurig K Cups come in the form of a small cup which contains ground up coffee beans and depending on the type of K Cups you purchase, additional flavors and ingredients.  You can purchase K Cups which are just basic, straight up plain coffee, or you can purchase K Cups with fancy flavoring.  The wide appeal of K Cups comes partly from the wide flavor selection available.  With something to please every taste, K Cups are bestsellers worldwide.

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What types of flavors will you find when you shop for Keurig K Cups?  Flavors which are popular include Café Escape Chai Latte, Caribou Blend, Nantucket Blend, Cinnamon Pastry Coffee and Café Escape Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.  These are only a few of Keurig’s flavors—there are dozens and dozens more where those came from.  You can also purchase tea in K Cup form.

One of the best things about K Cups is that they are cheap.  K Cups offer you the best price on gourmet coffee.  There are a number of factors which can influence the cost of K Cups.  You’ll find some flavors are more expensive than others on average, and also that some vendors charge more than others.  By shopping around you’ll find the best price for Keurig K Cups.  Purchasing K Cups in bulk usually doesn’t save you money, but it’s something to check into when you are shopping.

K Cups cost under a dollar each.  An 18-pack of Kahlua Coffee, for example, would run you about $8.00.  You can purchase a variety pack of 60 K Cups for $39.00 and experience a lot of the flavors which Keurig has to offer.  If you find one which you particularly love and want to stock up on in bulk, you can usually purchase a pack of 108 K Cups of a specific flavor for around $72.00.

Why are K Cups the best price around?  You may be thinking “I’d pay less for another instant coffee.”  It’s true—there are other types of instant coffee which are less expensive.  They also don’t taste nearly as good (usually a bit stale or bitter), and they’re hard to prepare.  K Cups save time; a Keurig coffee maker can prepare you a cup of fresh gourmet coffee in under a minute.  The level of quality is comparable to what you might find at your local coffee shop.  Paying $2.00-$5.00 on a cup of coffee every morning is inconvenient and costly, though.  That’s why K Cups are the best price; they offer you the best value for your dollar.

You will need to be prepared to spend money on a Keurig single serve coffee maker though like the Keurig Special Edition K65 Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker or the Keurig Elite Brewing System K45.  These two coffee makers cost around $100-$150, with the cheaper one being the K45.  Both are excellent machines and both can prepare your coffee in under a minute while you wait.  You’ll save time on cleanup and your coffee machine will last you for years to come.

The K45 gives you the option of two different cup sizes, while the K65 gives you the option of three.  Both contain an LCD display which shows you certain information (such as the water level in the reservoir) and allows you to make certain adjustments to the process (like the brewing temperature).  The K45 has a removable drip tray which you can use for travel mugs.  The K45 comes with replacement parts and a bonus 12 pack of K Cups.

There are a lot of uses for a Keurig coffee maker.  Not only does it make morning coffee easy and convenient, but it also makes an excellent coffee maker for public situations.  Are you an employer who is tired of people making a mess of the recreation room each morning brewing coffee?  Do people constantly complain about the lack of variety available?  Think about installing a Keurig coffee maker to solve both these problems.  Your employees will be delighted by the K Cup flavors, and won’t make such a mess since the machine does the work for them.

Likewise, Keurig coffee machines are helpful when you have people over to your house.  They stop your guests from making a mess of your kitchen and ensure that there is something tasty to suit everyone.  Less time spent brewing coffee also means more socializing with friends or family, which is another plus.  Everyone will be amazed that you can afford to serve them gourmet coffee, but you’ll know how little it really costs!

Buying a Keurig personal coffee maker does cost you some money up front, but you’ll quickly find out how much the investment pays off.  Usually you’re stuck trading off quality for price or vice versa, but in the case of Keurig, the delicious K Cups win out on both counts.  Keurig K Cup coffee is some of the best you’ll taste at the amazingly low price of under a dollar per cup.  So if you’re tired of wasting money at coffee shops or wasting time cleaning up your kitchen, look into the Keurig K65 or K45 or one of their other models of personal coffee makers and start stocking up on K Cups!